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Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson

Senior Account Executive

Professionally, I've been working with independent professionals on how to maintain and grow their new and referral business, with marketing systems and strategies, for well over 10 years! With the last 5 years, working solely with financial advisors and firms on their digital marketing strategy, from getting a modern website, creating a unique client experience to create raving fans, having a consistent email/social media communication system with automation, to investing in an expert team and Marketing Specialist to say
"Do it For Me" Marketing!

Personally, I have been traveling the world with my beautiful wife, Cassi, and our 3 gorgeous daughters, Aria, Kyla, and Sloane. We enjoy taking time off and just living in the natures of New Mexico, sailing the seas on various cruise liners, hitting different Hawaiian islands, and most recently, dabbling the chaos that is Disney World. 

I have a passion for helping others succeed and live their dreams as well... both professionally and personally! The true wealth in life, is the experiences you have and share with people you care about, so let's chat about your goals, and make things happen for you!

As they say "there is no I in team" and I am blessed to work with the MOST amazing FMG sales team that drives and supports me, and I look forward to working together as a team to serve you and your firm! *That's me in the obnoxious light blue pants*