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Automated Campaign Samples

Emails will have YOUR logo, branding, colors, etc. (NOT FMGs). Screenshots below are simply samples of what an email would look like to the recipient.
"Click for Sample" to see where the link would take them!

With an FMG website, most campaigns will help drive traffic to your website! Without, to a branded landing page

Happy Birthday

Emails recipients on their birthday, and/or the option for a Birthday Greeting Card mailed for you.
($2.75/mailed greeting card)

Learn About Greeting Cards Here


9 holiday emails: New Years, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

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Video of the Month

Automated monthly email with an educational video simpifying a variety of financially related topics, to position you as a knowledgeable guide!

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Monthly Market Insight

Automated email and social media post, with a video newsletter highlighting the prior month's market activities and a fun theme, with a quarterly version 4 times per year.

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Retirement Insights Newsletter

Newsletter emailed 6 times per year,
with content for those in and working toward retirement,
plus occasional recipes, fun articles and a brain teaser!

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Referral Campaign

Email sent quarterly to ask about any changes to increase your share of wallet, and remind clients to refer you,
with a form on your FMG website! 

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Social Foundation- Automated Social Media Posts!

Automatically posts educational, lifestyle, and financial, FINRA-reviewed content to Facebook and LinkedIn.

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