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<strong>Additional Advisor Accounts<br/></strong>

Additional Advisor Accounts

$49 per month/advisor/account*

*Must be on the same billing as the main account for this pricing

Available as an add-on ONLY when you have Premium Marketing or Do it For Me Marketing.

A separate log-in/FMG dashboard for each of your advisors/team members to allow for them to communicate directly to their own contacts, coming from their own email/profile, to post to their own social media and use the tools and resources directly. 

DIY (Do it Yourself)  Marketing Tools and Content Library PLUS:

7 Automated "Set it and Forget it" Campaigns, Email Sequences & Premium Content*
Stay on the mind of your clients/future clients through email and social media, you select and automate, with Premium content including event kits, presentations, marketing guides, eBooks and more!

*If your main account is Do it For Me Marketing they will also have access to the "Exclusive Content" collection, but self-managed.  
(The Marketing Specialist to say "do it for me" is NOT included without a full subscription on their own). 

Advisors who are part of a greater team, but want their own marketing streamlined with general topics being highlighted, and want the option to add/select content in between for LESS of an investment than they would on their own. 


Content Library
FMG content with articles, videos, infographics and more to use for email, social media posts (to use right away or schedule out), download/print/send, and send greeting cards ($2.75/card sent for you) PLUS: 

  • Curator: a search engine within your suite that scours the Internet for articles on more lifestyle topics, and creates lists and suggestions based on your history.

  • Premium content: event kits, presentations, invitations, niche marketing and more, only available with Premium and Do it For Me Marketing.

  • If your main account is Do it For Me Marketing  access to the "Exclusive Content" collection is also available, but self-managed.  
    (Marketing Specialist to say "do it for me" is NOT included without their own full subscription)

  • Marketing Contact Management System: Contacts up to 2,500 with the ability to add more for $10 per month/per 2,500.

  • Compliance Intregration: Available based on your Broker/Dealer. 

 7 "Set it and Forget it" Automated Campaigns
All campaigns are branded for the individual advisor, and all, except the birthday email, will drive traffic to a Branded Landing Page.

Click here for Automated Campaign samples

  1. Video of the Month
    Email a monthly educational video on a variety of financially related topics. 

  2. Retirement Insights Newsletter
    Newsletter emailed 6 times per year, with content for those in and working toward retirement, plus some recipes and a brain teaser!

  3. Happy Birthday
    Emails recipients on their birthday, and/or the option for a Birthday Greeting Card to be mailed for you ($2.75/mailed greeting card)

  4. Holidays
    9 holiday emails: New Years, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

  5. Monthly Market Insights
    Email and social media post, with a video and newsletter highlighting what happened in the market the prior month with a monthly theme and newsletter. Becomes a Quarterly version 4 times per year.

  6. Social Foundation- Automated Social Media Posts
    Posts educational content, automatically to Facebook and LinkedIn.

  7. Referral
    Email quarterly to remind clients to refer you, with a form

Access to the FMG Mobile App
While you're out and about, use the FMG App to easily email and post timely content to social media using and use ChatGPT to create captions when you can't think of what to say!

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