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Do it For me Marketing

Spend your time serving clients and enjoying your life. 
Get your marketing/client communication off your plate!

BEST FOR: Advisors/firms who want to outsource their marketing, be involved as they please,
with access to more exclusive content and strategic marketing tips!

$695 per month*
$499 Setup

*Ask me about discounts through your Broker/Dealer or Affiliations then pair with an FMG website for your total monthly!

As a Do it For Me Marketing client, you'll benefit from:

A Dedicated Marketing Specialist to Execute for You (or with you).
Your Marketing Specialist will help you with all of your set up to maximize the FMG platform, the you'll meet monthly to review the prior month's activities, analytics and results, discuss the upcoming month's strategically planned calendar (with plenty of time to make adjustments). You'll let them know when you have NEW clients to add to the New Client Welcome Sequence and communication systems, to ensure you're providing the best experience to create raving fans!

"Most clients have come from an advisor that didn't communicate well with them.
Create a better experience for them than what they had before.
This business is about service- bring your A game- referrals and share of wallet will come"

                                                                       - Corey Heimensen, Heimensen Wealth Advisors, Do it For Me Marketing Client

Access to an Exclusive "Do it For Me" Content Collection and Monthly Calendar.
Demonstrate your thought leadership with authentic emails, engaging social posts, and timely blog content, all designed and written by our expert marketing thought leaders, including Susan Theder and Samantha Russell, all executed for you! Keep your firm on the mind of your clients, prospects and strategic partners, to retain, increase your share of wallet and referrals, all without you having to lift a finger! 

Click below to review the September calendar and content samples (for sample purposes only). 
Do it For Me Marketing Calendar September

Then see below for a preview of the October 2023 calendar. 

Specifically, the DIFM calendar will include:

  • At a high level, the DIFM monthly content strategy will deliver between 2-4 emails and 5-8 social posts, and 1-3 blogs each month (in addition to your Monthly Market Insights video or another monthly newsletter). This will give you a consistent and effective client communication strategy, with an active and engaging social media presence.  

  • Content that is based on our expert Thought Leaders years of working both as advisors, and with advisors, and understanding what performs and engages clients in email and social media. Everything can be edited, and you can opt-out of anything that doesn’t feel like you. 

  • At least one financial planning-related email and social post (e.g. 5 biggest estate planning mistakes; best types of trusts for avoiding taxes, etc.)

  • Emails and social posts that leverage monthly events and holidays to provide meaningful touch-points (e.g., Mother's day, Juneteenth, Women's History Month, memorial day, love your dog day...).

  • Emails and social posts that are about lifestyle topics that connect with common client interests such as top summer vacation spots, summer book list, BBQ tips, and other timely topics such as the Olympics, Golf, favorite phone apps, etc. - these show your personality and typically get more engagement than your financial oriented communications.

  • Blogs that are aimed at being helpful and informative as well as meeting SEO standards, and are now optimized for SEO.

A Short Video from Expert Marketing Thought Leaders Highlighting Monthly Do it For Me Content.
Learn quickly about strategy and content choices for the month, with additional marketing tips you can do on your own.

Click here for a short video overviewing the October Do it For Me content

Timely content as news breaks emailed for you.
As events occur on the markets or world that would concern or interest your clients and prospects, a DIFM only email will be written and emailed to you for approval, then emailed/posted for you right away. Assuring your clients, prospects and network that you’re on top of these events, will ensure continued retention and referrals!

DIFMTimelyEmailFedHitsThePauseButtonWithInterest Rates

Additional Campaigns, Content and Assistance available to grow your business:

  • Prospecting campaigns: blogs and emails monthly that are designed to elicit a response from prospects and build you as a thought leader while keeping you top of mind, as well as specific niche campaigns for small business owners, pre-retirees, and even a campaign aimed at buying another advisor's business.

  • Nurturing prospects:  each month new prospects will be added to our email nurture system to keep you top of mind and help increase conversion rates.

  • Centers of Influence content: targeted to COIs into the DIFM calendar that encourages introductions (like for CPA, attorneys, business owners, personal contacts, etc.).

  • Generating referrals: If you choose, a quarterly email can be sent that gently asks clients for referrals, in addition to all the communication in place to stay top of mind for referrals.

  • Hosting Quarterly Events/Webinars: take advantage of our pre-produced webinar and event options like the Halftime Report, a Year-End Report, and Shred Event and/or help to promote your own original event by leveraging our event automation sequences to promote and manage attendance.

  • Leveraging lead magnets on your website: get help identifying lead magnets you can use on your FMG website.

  • Premium Content and Campaigns included to leverage as desired, for presentations, eBooks/guides, checklists and more, plus 7+ Automated email/social media campaigns*. 

    *Campaigns recommended as part of your Do it For Me monthly strategy: Happy Birthday email, with Monthly Market Insight email/post and Video of the Month email campaigns, which will also help drive traffic to your FMG website.

  • The opportunity to add "Additional Advisor Accounts" for only $49 per Month*: Your team members/advisors will have a separate log in/account with the same email/social media content and automated campaigns as your main account, for significantly less than on their own, to email their own clients/prospects and post to their own social media accounts. NOTE: This add-on is the advisor/team member, a Marketing Specialist to say "do it for me" is NOT included without a full subscription on their own.

    *Must be on the same billing.

Additional Support Provided as Needed.

  • Email Assist: Two emails you write and create per month sent out for you - must be provided in final form to your Marketing Specialist. 

  • Social Assist: Two social posts you write and create per month posted for you - must be provided in final form to your Marketing Specialist. 

  • Website Assist: When you have an FMG website, get basic website support (ie: minor edits) and guidance with using FMG interactive website forms; NOTE: A complete website strategy is not provided.

  • Event Assist: Four times per year, you have the option to get assistance with suggested events (or your own when you provide the content), with help to create an event page for RSVP's (on it's own or as part of your FMG website) and guidance with FMG resources available to conduct and/or promote the event (for example: client events, Half-time report, State of the Markets events). 

Successful results you can expect overtime. 
Based on proven marketing best practices related to Email, Social Media, Webinars/Events, and Blogging - which is what DIFM Marketing encompasses - you can expect:

  • Increased client engagement
  • Increased share of wallet from existing clients
  • Increased referrals 
  • Increased number of social media followers and engagement
  • Increase prospect conversions by staying top of mind/top of consideration set of prospects in your pipeline as a result of consistent social, email and blogging
  • Increased personal and firm brand awareness and perception through the combination of consistent quality social, email, blog and webinar activities
  • Increased TIME to focus on other important activities in your business and life!

“As an advisor and a business owner, there's a lot of commodities out there I can get more of.
I can get more clients and revenue, granted, I believe I'll get more clients faster with a professional marketing plan and a system.
But there is one commodity or currency out there that I can't create more of, which is our time. 
This is the first time in a long time where I've entered into a program and it's actually saved me time.
You have effectively created time for us!”
                                                                          - Doug Howes, Sapphire Wealth Management, Do it For Me Marketing Client

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