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<strong>Premium Website Hosting &#38; tools:<br/></strong>4-Wheel Drive For your Website!<br/>

Premium Website Hosting & tools:
4-Wheel Drive For your Website!

Pair with your Premium or Essential Website, to provide an optimal vehicle to drive and convert business from your website & beyond!

Premium resources, interactive website forms, local listings and more, for your clients and future clients, to convert website traffic to grow your business! 

$139 per month*

*Ask me about any discounts through your Broker/Dealer or Affiliations, then pair with a Marketing Suite for your total monthly!

  • Website content (videos, articles & calculators) built into the design and automatically added monthly to your website. 
  • The ability to log in to view traffic, make edits to your website and more on FMG's proprietary platform.
  • Access tutorials on FMG's Knowledge Base to master editing your website.
  • Premium Service: you'll have the ability to schedule appointment with service, vs. calling or emailing with potential hold times.

Premium Website Tools included:

  • Lead Studio - Add interactive website forms with eBook/guides/Quiz pop-ups, sections, landing pages and page gating, to engage website visitors with a call to action!

    eBook and Quiz Sections, Pops ups & Page Gating

    eBook and Quiz Landing Pages

    Get notified when someone fills out a form.

    eBooks automatically download with your branding and contact information so you don't have to touch it!

    Offers for eBooks add value to current clients, referrals, and especially prospects/referrals not ready to contact you yet!

    Use FMG Marketing automated campaigns to drip and nurture these contacts into clients over time! (See Marketing Options)

  • Blog Studio- The ability to post blogs to your website and easily share via email/social media.

  • Local Listings - Increase your chances to show up on the local Google map and have accurate contact information across 60+ online directories.

    *If you'd like more than one of website tools above, Premium Website hosting below is a better value!

PLUS the option to add on for $49 more per month:

Take a test drive on any of the links above & under the "Premium Website Tools" menu!

For a great sample of how to best use these Premium website tools, browse:

  • Scroll down the homepage to see multiple forms to engage website visitors! (especially ones who aren't ready to call you!)

  • Click "Tools" and review "eBooks", the Retirement checklist showing "page gating", the blog, and events, all possibilities to maximize your website!
<strong>Premium Website Tools examples</strong><strong>:</strong>

Premium Website Tools examples:

NOTE: Website theme choices change, so may not be exactly the same as examples.

With a Premium Website Design:

With a Essential Website Design:

What to Do with a Windfall

"What to Do with a Windfall" provides guidance for handling a financial windfall. The ebook suggests taking a deep breath before making any decisions and seeking help from a financial professional to ensure funds are allocated wisely.

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