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Accessibility Lock™

FMG offers an add-on called Accessibility Lock™, which helps deliver a superior website experience to every visitor, including people with disabilities. With a flip of a switch, your website becomes more accessible and more compliant with ADA, WCAG 2.1, and other global requirements within 48 hours – while maintaining your website’s unique design, integrity, and functionality. 

Visitors can pick and choose the accessibility features that suit them, including:

  • Highlighting links 
  • Changing text formatting 
  • Increasing contrast

Provide website access to all visitors
Website accessibility lawsuits are increasing every year. This add-on makes sure everything is the way it should be so you’re always in the clear, protecting your firm from growing litigation.
Accessibility Lock™ is $49 per month, added to your new/current subscription billing. 
Click the link below for a website example with the Accessibility Lock™ to review how it works. Just click on the "web accessibility icon" in the lower left hand corner and experience how you, and your future website visitors, can adjust the website settings as needed!

Click here for a website example with Accessibility Lock