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What is Page Gating?

Ever put a lot of time and effort into something that you essentially give away for free? If so, WHY?

Most likely becasue you want people to see it but don't know how to give it to them without them asking.

Page Gating is FMG's way to combat visitors of your wesbite from obtaining specific information, eBooks, downloadables, research, newsletters, etc., by requiring them to tell you who they are.

Pretty Suite, right?

Here's How It Works

Here's how it will look once your visitor tried to access this Exclusive Content!

In order for them to obtain what ever it is they are interested in, they have to tell who they are and how to get ahold of them.

Once they fill out the form above, this will notify you IMMEDIATELY via email and inbox messaging like the one in the image below. 

If combined with our Marketing Suites, this will then allow you to market to this visitor how you see fit

Still confused?

Well, try scrolling down to see some fun photo's of my family!

Hint there are 3 photos!


Sorry you had to see that!

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