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Pop-up windows can seem confusing since there are different ways to use them, but the statistics show they work and can be beneficial for your business.

<br />Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email List

This is the most obvious reason to incorporate pop-up signup forms into your website marketing mix. Since data shows that pop up boxes are an effective tool for collecting emails and they do not typically increase a website’s bounce rate, businesses are smart to start using them sooner rather than later.

<br />Promote an eBook or Quiz

Promote an eBook or Quiz

Everyone loves free stuff and when your business can add value to the user's experience, and at no cost, the user is much more likely to provide their information and to continue to engage with your website.

Lead capture forms that offer a free eBook with relevant information or a quiz to test the user's knowledge on a particular subject will effectively create multiple opportunities to convince the customer that your business is an industry authority and you are the expert. At the same time it allows you to collect contact information for future drip campaigns with visitors.