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Kick it up a notch and really connect with your network. In addition to a great website, add marketing campaigns that turn your clients into raving fans.

&#160;<br />&#160;<br />Automated Campaigns

Automated Campaigns

Free up time, nurture clients, and generate new leads. Deliver a stream of strategic communication to the right people, at the right time. You can target niche audiences from pre-retirees to long-term clientele, staying top of mind and expanding your influence all year long.

Video of the Month Campaign

Build a reputation as a financial expert with informative and entertaining video emails that simplify complex topics––from retirement to estate planning––and keep you top of mind.

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Monthly Market Insights Campaign

A market commentary video and report that features an overview of last month’s market performance and a glance at the month ahead.

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Happy Birthday Campaign

Send a fun message on each client’s birthday, containing financial tips and remarkable feats that others have achieved in their same year of life.

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Holiday Campaign

Let your clients and prospects know you’re thinking of them all year long, with fun-filled greetings sent on multiple major holidays.

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Social Foundation Campaign

Establish a consistent, foundational presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with automated, FINRA-reviewed social posts.

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